Travel Awards

SLAC trainees who are actively participating in SLAC (see definition of active participation) may request up to $1000 for travel funds for any academic purpose, including attending a meeting, conference, or workshop where you are not presenting. Such trainees may request additional travel funding at any time, but additional requests should include a short email justification / explanation for the travel (e.g., I am requesting additional travel funds to attend _____. I will (OR WILL NOT) be making a presentation. This travel is important for me because _____.). Additional funding requests will be granted on a first-come basis until travel funds for the year are exhausted. 

Travel Award Guidelines for Booking Travel & Receiving Reimbursement



1) Apply for a travel award here
2)Email with details of your travel arrangements


  1. Federal Sponsored Travel FAQ
  2. UConn Travel Policy
  3. Open Skies Agreement
  4. Travel Ban to North Carolina and Mississippi 

FREE BDL PARKING PASS: (no reimbursement for parking paid out of pocket) – To receive a free Airport Parking Pass, complete a pre-trip form at (travel forms/travel web form)

FLIGHTS:  Email your preferred flights and information below to be booked directly with Sanditz – if you choose to book flights on your own using price line etc, you will need to do a screen shot of a similar flight using the Sanditz tool to ensure it costs the same or less, otherwise you may end up owing money

  1. Your full name as it appears on your id (license, passport)
  2. Date of birth
  3. Cell phone number
  4. Passport a) nationality, b) number and c) expiry date if traveling overseas
  5. Seat preference (window, aisle, middle)
  6. Frequent flyer number
  7. KFS# if other than SLAC

HOTEL:  Email the information below

Conference Hotel –  the link to the conference hotel so it can be booked directly through Sanditz
BnB – if you prefer to book and pay for BnB up front, then the paid receipt for BnB and screenshot showing BnB is cheaper than conference hotel


Email the following;

  1. Digital copies of your boarding passes or conference badge that prove you were there
  2. Receipts for transportation (taxi, uber, lyft)
  3. The meals that were provided at the conference (for ex.: all lunches)-Per Diem will be used to determine reimbursement of all other meals and incidentals
  4. Rental car receipt
  5. Business related receipts (faxing, postage, printing, etc)
  6. Receipt of conference registration costs that were paid out of pocket
  7. Provide the address to and from the airport, to claim mileage

Once all of this information has been received, a post trip travel web form will be prepared for you to electronically approve before it can be uploaded into KFS for reimbursement.

Below is page 11 of the policy that speaks to the parking pass


Fourteen-day parking permits are available to employees on University business for Bradley International Airport. The permits allow state employees to park in designated lots. If a traveler does not request a parking permit or fails to secure the permit from the Office of Travel Services before departure, the traveler will be responsible for his or her own parking expenses and the parking expenses will not be reimbursed. If the business travel extends beyond the permit’s fourteen-day limit, the employee is responsible for the additional fees, but may be reimbursed for the additional parking expense. If the state-designated lot is at capacity, employees should park at the lowest-cost economy parking lot. Employees will be reimbursed for parking expenses incurred when the state-designated lot is at capacity.

Procedure Prior to Travel: 

To obtain a parking permit, the traveler must use the Travel WebForm which you can get here; UConn Travel by clicking on travel forms. After the Travel WebForm is submitted, a parking permit will be mailed if the departure is greater than 5 business days away. Travelers that are departing sooner than 5 business days may pick up their parking permits at the front desk of the Office of Travel Services; provided the pre-trip portion of the Travel WebForm has been completed. It is the traveler’s responsibility to obtain the parking pass before departure. Travelers should review and follow the instructions and information printed on the permit prior to parking.

At the Airport: The employee must present the parking permit to the attendant when they exit the state employee designated parking lot. If the state-designated lot is at capacity, travelers should park at the lowest-cost economy parking lot.

After travel: To receive reimbursement if the state-designated lot was at capacity or if the traveler incurs any charge for parking for a period greater than fourteen days, the traveler must submit the paid receipt and the original parking permit with a brief explanation in the “Remarks” section of the Travel WebForm. Those picking up arriving University travelers(including, on rare instances, graduate students) may submit paid parking receipts for reimbursement.