Affiliate Faculty

Team-TERRA  fall 2024 and fall 2025

We hope that all advisors who have advisees in the program will want to be an affiliate faculty.  Anyone else who is interested in the program and community is invited to become an affiliate faculty.  If you would like to become an affiliate faculty of Team-TERRA, please complete the form below.

The training program provides successful applicants with:

  • ONE full year of support ($34,000 stipend).
  • Tuition and fees waived
  • Subsidized health benefits
  • Access to travel funds for the duration of the program provided equitable distribution and availability of funds.

The program entails:

  • 2-year sequence of coursework
  • team, service, and hands-on training
  • a real-world internship
  • associated workshops

Successful students will learn highly sought-after skills in:

  • Risk analysis, management, and communication
  • Landscape analysis and decision support tools embedded in geographic information systems (GIS)
  • How to lead and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

The trainees will independently complete and work toward departmental and university dissertation requirements. For more information about the UConn Team-TERRA graduate fellowship program, see Applications: Trainee Information.

Benefits for affiliates include:

  • Possible fellowships for graduate advisees
  • Novel training opportunity for graduate advisees
  • Opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research
  • Opportunities to acquire skills in risk assessment, urban systems, natural resources, and science communication
For details about the full scope of the program, please refer to the grant proposal below:

Affiliate Faculty

We ask that Team-TERRA affiliates serve on one or more committees. Please indicate which committee(s) you would be willing to serve on.
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