Team Heat

The purpose of our case-only study is to obtain and describe data on emergency department heat-related illness cases from 2000-current in Connecticut. Our aims are to describe and map heat related-illness data as it relates to climate data inclusive of temperature and humidity at a spatial scale local to each specific heat-illness case. We will also model future projections of heat illnesses across Connecticut using publicly available projections of climate change. Furthermore, factors such as socio-economic status, individual demographics, urbanness, amount of vegetation, and proximity to surface water will be included in our assessments and models to assess their impact on the risk of heat-illness occurrences. These results can be disseminated to Connecticut legislators and city planners to aid with decisions in climate change mitigation strategies. May 4, 2023 Project Presentation

Team members:

Erin Dierickx, Kinesiology
Peter Billman, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Josué Martínez-Martínez, Computer Science Engineering