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In the 1st or  2nd year, Team-TERRA trainees will engage in an internship as a risk analyst. We have established links with agencies, companies, and NGOs to create internship opportunities. Below is a list with the associated faculty member to reach out to:

  • CT Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection
  • Eversource Energy
  • Audubon

  • International Food Policy Research Institute
  • ESRI – ArcGIS software Co

  • AIR 

We also encourage students to seek opportunities elsewhere, including internationally. For example, Eversource wants interns to estimate how forest management decisions alter risks from storms to power transmission, Audubon wants interns to design reserves that account for socio-economic decisions and future climate change, ESRI wants interns that design next-generation spatial analysis software, and AIR wants to create better software that accurately assesses responses to climate change and natural disasters.

If you would like to seek an internship with an organization not listed above you are encouraged to do so. There isn’t a single process to finding an internship, but rather different pathways to discovering internship opportunities. There are:

  • self-designed internships that often emerge through effective networking conversations or conversations with faculty members;
  • advertised internships most commonly posted on a company’s/organization’s website;
  • other opportunities, like summer fellowships, that aren’t called “internships” but provide meaningful educational experiences.


  • develop or apply specific skills or knowledge;
  • explore a future employer;
  • gather insights about a career field or job to see if you want to pursue it for your career;
  • gain necessary workplace experience to meet job qualifications
  • enhance work experience for future job applications.



  • Ideally start exploring opportunities 9-12 months ahead of the desired internship period.
  • Some internship opportunities get posted in the fall for summer and individuals even get hired for internships as early as late fall for the upcoming summer.
  • Every employer has different timelines and deadlines.

Internship policy

    • Paid internship – A student can’t receive a fellowship stipend and receive a paid internship from outside the university at the same time. If the student accepts the internship, then he/she will need to forfeit their fellowship stipend for that time period.
    • Unpaid internship – If a student is still registered as a matriculating student during the summer, then he/she can still be paid the fellowship and partake in an “unpaid” internship.

Internship Resources

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