Team Mermaids

‘Resiliency in the South End of Stratford: Educating and Empowering Residents during Flood Events.’ Our project is to understand the flood risks in the South End of Stratford and inform the residents in the South End on how to be safe and prepared, before, during and after a flood. We developed our plan – to map the history and development of the South End neighborhood – through its history as a distressed municipality, and into the future by mapping and predicting floods in the South End. We are also working on developing clear messaging and information through a workshop, education materials, and central website to empower residents to be ready for flood events. May 4, 2023 Project Presentation.

 Team members:
Ketki Samel, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyNaomi Adler, Civil & Environmental EngineeringCatalina Vásquez-Marchant, HistoryMakduma Badhan, Civil & Environmental EngineeringMadeline Kollegger, Natural Resources & the Environment