SLAC + Funding

SLAC+ funding is an internal fellowship. There are no “work” expectations tied to these awards. When students are awarded 15 hours for summer support or 10 hours for Fall or Spring support, the time supported by these SLAC+ Fellowships is to be devoted to the academic, research, or other training purposes that are of direct benefit to the student — that is, time for the student to devote to coursework or their own research (in collaboration with their mentor(s) and others, of course).

“SLAC trainee”, any current or former fellow or associate who is maintaining active participation in SLAC can apply for SLAC+ Funding.
  • Any SLAC trainee with less than 20 hours of support in an academic semester should apply for SLAC+ Funding to bring their total to 20 hours.
  • Any SLAC trainee may apply for Fall, Spring, or Summer SLAC+ Funding for any term between now and Summer, 2022. In the past, we have suggested that trainees should apply for just one or two terms at a time. However, we have had fewer requests than expected for SLAC+, so feel free to apply for more. If we have more requests than funds, we will strive to distribute them equitably based on other support available and amount of SLAC+ funding already received. Please consider applying now.
Note that for Fall or Spring awards, advisors must identify at least 10 hours of TA- or GAship for the semester of the award. Without this, the student will not be eligible for a tuition waiver (etc.).


SLAC+ Funding Requests need to be submitted by the dates below;

For Fall 2020 Fellowships –  (the latest) July

For Spring 2021 Fellowships – mid December

For Summer 2021 Fellowships – (the latest) April


Complete the form to request 10 hours of funding in the fall/spring or 15 hours in the summer.

SLAC + Funding

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