Past Events

Salary Negotiation with Tammy Spaulding

Magnolia Innovation – Career Advice

SICSFLAGS Coping in the Pandemic

Widening the Lens of Translational Science through Team Science 


Anne Krook-online presentation on ‘negotiation’ 

SLAC Game Night 2/19, 5-7, Arj 307

SICSFLAGS: 2/04/20 Tour and Herstory of the UConn Women’s Center

J Term 2020

Perfecting your Elevator Pitch Webinar by Spitfire Strategies

Magnolia Innovation – Career Advice

Science and Imagination

Workshop with Mike Tanenhaus

SICSFLAGS with Julie Sedivy

SLAC Start-of-Semester Event

Job Searching Outside of the Academy

Diversity and Developing Cultural Competency

Special Communications Event

SLAC 2019/2020 Orientation

May 2019 Symposium

J Term 2019

Science Communication