Team-TERRA News archive

Congratulations to Adam Gallaher for his OpEd in the Hartford Courant on heat pumps and the supply rate increases CT and New England are facing this coming January.
Congratulations to Franco Gigliotti and Maddy Meadows-McDonnell
for being featured in the New London Day for their research on saltmarsh ecology and restoration:
Congratulations to Adam Gallaher, winner of Provost’s Award for Excellence in Community Engaged Scholarship for his work with the other Department of Geography Covid-19 mapping members to create a real-time resource for COVID-19 risks in Connecticut.
Congratulations to Raul Flamenco for the excellent interview in UConn Today
Congratulations to Kathy Segerson who was just elected to the National Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious honors in the world. Kathy joins other Team-TERRA members, Gene Likens and Steward Pickett. Here is the UConn At Work story on Kathy’s election into the Academy.
Student Team Project Presentations, Tuesday May 3rd, TLS 111, 9:30-11:00. Recording of the event can be found at this link.
Congratulations to Team-TERRA fellow, Sarah Klionsky, whose research was profiled in UConn Today, ‘Digging into the Finer Details of Retired Cranberry Bog Restorations.
Congratulations to Team-TERRA fellow Adam Gallaher, who just had an OpEd published in Energy News Network on electricity rate increases and what can be done about it (renewables!)
Congratulations to Team-TERRA fellow Adam Gallaher, who in addition to getting published in UConn Today, has just had an OpEd that he wrote in the Sci Comm class last semester published in the Hartford Courant
Congratulations to Team-TERRA fellow Madeleine Meadows-McDonnell for the UConn Today article The Goldilocks Effect: Adding the Right Amount of Sediment to Salt Marshes Keeps Coastlines Afloat – UConn Today
Congratulations to Team-TERRA fellow Adam Gallaher, the lead author in the 12/16/21 article in UConn Today about reducing risks to the electrical grid.  and his interview on NBC News here